Heartland Soul Emerging

Well, I think the news from Iowa today proves there’s a soul in the heartland! 

Not that I needed persuading.  I wasn’t surprised; I always thought Iowa was a cool place, having lived in the states to the north and south of it, driven through it, camped in it, hiked, etc.  Really, when I was growing up in rural PA and my wee travel bug was fidgeting in its cocoon, I definitely did not see myself choosing the Midwest, of all places, to live.  But Minneapolis lured me in weird and personal ways.  Then, once I’d just decided I could live in Minnesota for a long time, my heart led me south to Columbia, Missouri.  What?  NOT what I had in mind!

But now, two years after coming here, I am digging it.  (Moved through “Missouri — it’s not that bad” to “Hey, I actually like it here!”)  I’ve had the sense for a long time that Columbia is like an incubator — you can get a hint from the lushness of the green here, and all the people who live in sweet self-built homes with composting outhouses in the woods all around town and have perfectly modern lives at the same time.  It’s a place that’s amenable to things sprouting.  And I think it has a nice vibe. 

This is a journal about me living my life, trying to keep a focus on Spirit while all kinds of crazy shit (pardon my French) is happening all around, and within, me.  I’m a universalist, so I look to many sources for spiritual guidance, and I believe Spirit infuses everything there is and everything that is done.  And yet my life is still plenty nuts.  I wanted a place to write about that, and talk to other people looking for the sweet balance in their lives, too.

Ok, still under construction, but I wanted to introduce myself properly.  I hope you’ll come back to see what develops!


Heartland Soul


Not so bad!

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