Say a Hare Krishna for Me

This really should have gone up days ago.  During Kirtan with David Newman at The Yoga Room in Idaho Springs last weekend, I was inspired to write this poem to the Divine in the Divine’s aspect as Lord Krishna.  I didn’t know what to do with it, so I thought I’d put it here.

***** Winter Poetry Warning!!!*****

O Krishna, Heart of the Universe,
whose compassion propels the planets through their orbits,
whose smiling glance draws a soul from the ether and gives it life,
whose seed is flute song,
Your expansiveness accepts even this idiotic, forgetful lover
who, though she tells everyone in the street how much she adores you,
doesn’t call you at night, or bring you honey,
or seek you in the starlight.
She is not even faithful to you,
not for longer than one second every week,
but you are patient with her and hold her to you;
in your abundant mercy
you let her believe
that those seconds of adoration are enough.


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