Day 7: Belly Over the Line

A baby mouse, left behind at the old workplace.

The other day at work one of my colleagues made a slightly dirty joke, and I replied in a way that made it, well, a medium dirty joke. Then when someone else made a shocked face and said I took it over the line, I told her she had a point. That is what I do, for better or for worse.

In fact I’d been thinking about this not long before. It’s true. Another friend said of me a while back that I take jokes one step past where you think they’ll go. I’m not saying there’s anything particularly good or bad about this — just that it is a true reflection of my sense of humor, and of art and life in general, I suppose. I know everything has been done before, but I do tend to look for ways to put myself into the conversation that I feel are less represented.

Part of my motivation with any creative or public endeavor is to do some things that other people might be embarrassed to do — in the hopes that maybe someone will think, “I see that person doing the thing my heart is telling me to do, so maybe it’s ok for me to do it too.” I guess this blog series falls into that category.

Well, here is today’s picture: the belly that I know and love, that I look at every day, as it looks in the mirror.

Thanks for giving me the space to share all this, by the way. I appreciate it. It’s very helpful to me. And if this is helpful to anyone else in any way, I’ll be delighted. Thank you!

The full belly Monty.

6 thoughts on “Day 7: Belly Over the Line

  1. I think that was me who said that about you, the step beyond where you think the joke’s going. I’ve said something similar at least. But I wasn’t talking about DIRTIER beyond! 😉

    • Yes! That was you & I know you didn’t mean specifically dirtier, but that is one of the ways in which I tend to push things. Weirder, or more outrageous, or just less predictable … I strive anyway … ! And when it works I call it a success!

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