Day 14: Belly of Spring

Spring is solidly here in the Front Range. Life force energy is friggin’ PULSATING through every atom and molecule, organic and inorganic, attached to a sentient being or not, in my vicinity.

Green things and brown things are occupying the same space at the same time. The now and the past can be seen side by side. Winter feels like something I survived — and like something that could still throw another punch. But the seeds we blessed at Imbolc are undeniably sprouting, growing, alive.

Well, blessed be!

I do have arms. They are behind my back.


Just another reason why I heart Colorado.

One thought on “Day 14: Belly of Spring

  1. Glad to know you and Colorado are greening with life. Both looking beautiful. Love, Joan “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

    Joan McElroy Writing, editing, research 20 Oakleigh Ave. North Providence, RI 02911 401-231-5835 (home/office) 401-569-8312 (cell)

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