So … This is really the first song I wrote for piano. It’s the video I tried to make before, the one that sent me into a dramatic tailspin of self doubt. I guess I must be pulling out of it a little because I decided to give it another go.  Soooooo … I don’t know what else to say about it by way of introduction except, it’s semi seasonal, and I hope you enjoy!

On Standing Up and Opening Your Mouth

You try things
and sometimes
they work in real life
like they did in your imagination
And sometimes they don’t
The material is
shavings from your tender heart
mixed with tears of insecurity
and the fear
that you’ll never be loved
And you’re there
on stage
throwing that clay on the wheel
with everyone watching
and you hope
the pot you make
holds water
But sometimes it doesn’t
and everyone
can see your feet
getting wet
as the bottom falls out
everyone can see
what you missed
You have to be strong
to make your mistakes
in front of everyone
But sometimes
it works
and the vessel you shape
with your own shaking hands
is big enough
and tight enough
to hold

A shot from last December’s concert with Mosaic Gospel Choir