Day 17: Sun Belly 


Today all I could think about was sun worshipping. 

Huh, so that’s what I look like when I’m doing that. 

Looking at myself in this position is interesting. Through this picture project I’m learning to see myself — where before I would always look away, even when looking at myself. I’m building acceptance. I still feel mixed about what I see. But I’m beginning to appreciate the power there, a little more. I’m trying to stand in that power more. 

Looking at my belly through pictures has made me more aware of my posture, too, and my habit of attempted self-effacement through slouching. I remember to straighten my spine a little more and I stop apologizing so much for being. I’m letting go of my fear of being too much, too wide, too loud, too obnoxious. Resisting probably only makes it all the more so. I’m starting to try to just let what wants to flow through, flow through. 

And let the sun shine in!