Setting out

Walk: East Somerville

Sounds: Apple Music playlist “Untitled” (indie, multi genre)

Today I set out for a walk around my new(ish) neighborhood of East Somerville, Massachusetts. I had no particular aim in mind besides to shake off the post Christmas lethargy and to see something cool. I started by following the roads where late afternoon sunshine slanted in and lit up the tall faces of houses. I followed the flow downhill and around, stopping to poke at some neat fuzzy seed pods, then meandered back and up and around until I was home again.

I’ve been thinking about this blog and where it’s going for a while. I’ve had it for more than ten years. The foundation has long been sharing about what’s tough for me emotionally, and the points of light I’ve found to help me through dark and foggy times, with the idea that it might be of benefit for others who find themselves in relatable situations. As the years have passed, though, I’ve found my desires around sharing have shifted. Sometimes it’s because I don’t want to talk publicly about situations involving people whose privacy I respect. Other times I just don’t want to come across as a downer. And a lot of times it’s because I don’t feel like I have anything of particular value or interest to say.

Yet, I don’t really want to close this space, either. So for now I think I will just write about where I’m walking and what I’m listening to, and maybe some odd thoughts that cross my mind on my wanders, and share some pictures of what strikes my eye. And, well, we’ll set out in that direction and see where we end up.

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