Day 10: Ritual Belly

When I was a younger person imagining my possible future wedding, there were two essential components that never changed: One, it would be outside (check), and two, everyone involved would wear whatever it was that made them feel beautiful and/or happy (also check). 

I feel so lucky that I did actually get to co-create that experience at my actual wedding — thank you, Sam! With as much focus as there is on clothing at weddings (aside from, you know, the actual ritual and celebration itself), I really wanted it to be a space where people, including me, could experiment at least a wee bit with the concept of ceremonial attire. 

Sometimes I go to workshops that end with some sort of performance or ritual in which we’re encouraged to do that — wear whatever it is that feels sacred and powerful and expressive of your personal light in that particular moment. I  love those occasions so much. And I so wish that was welcomed more in the rest of life. 

Well, I try to take advantage of the opportunity when it comes around.  

No problem

If I thought of my body like this all the time, there would be no fucking problem.