Day 5: Om Belly Om

People always talk about the “Buddha belly,” but you know who really rocks a big belly? Sri Ganesha.

Yes, Ganesh’s belly is amazing. Ganesh is amazing! He is definitely a sensual fat guy. He loves the pleasures of the Earth, but his lack of attachment makes him light enough to dance on one toe on the back of a mouse.

I think that’s a role model worth having.

Ganesha & me

The other day I had the great pleasure of getting together with my friend Jyoti for wonderful conversation and a jam session. The last song we played together was a Ganesh chant. It was one I used to play all the time when I led kirtan in the mountains but have not done for a long time. We were nice and warmed up by that time, and we really got swinging on it. I had the strong feeling that some obstacles were really being removed as we sang (that’s one of the blessings this deity offers). Whew! Take ’em away, O Ganesha! Please and thank you!!!

This is is a different melody, but the same mantra, and the video has some awesome pictures of Sri Ganesha:

Happy chanting!




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